Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mary Poppins!


Earlier tonight, Paprika and Mr. Mustard went to see Mary Poppins at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles. Since it opened in November, all we've been hearing is how incredible this show is. It's full of flying and mid-air acrobatics. And, of course, singing and dancing and music...bascially, just about everything Paprika loves. This is the last week before the show ends, so we knew it was now or never.

We got two tickets: front-row center mezzanine. Score! We decided one of us would take Paprika and one of us would stay home with Ginger. Flipped a coin and Mr. Mustard he got to go!

About 10 minutes before they were set to leave for the show, I saw written in BOLD on the tickets, "Children Under 6 Years of Age Will NOT Be Permitted In The Theater." Not sure how we missed that!

Well, too late to do anything about that: the tickets were paid-for, non-refundable, and there was no time to resell. What to do? We started teaching Paprika the phrase, "I am SIX years old." I dressed her in the outfit I could find that made her look the oldest. She is three, so I was aiming at doubling her age. Turns out no one even asked and she breezed right into the auditorium, no questions asked. Phew!


Mr. Mustard said their seats were amazing, the best in the house. Mary Poppins flew right by their heads and Bert danced on the ceiling in front of them. Paprika was enthralled by the show, and didn't want to leave when it ended. I saw that coming! She was mesmerized by the performance, all three hours of it (not including intermission) and was soaking up every last word. She is begging to see it again and again and again. For now, the movie version will have to do. Chim-chim-er-ee!


FourJedis said...

What a relief they didn't check! Phew! That's awesome she sat through that. We've taken D to a few shows, and like Paprika (hehe), he can sit there, which I never ever would have expected... his brother doesn't stand a chance, and probably never will. :) Take a video of her singing, will ya?

Poppy said...

Sounds like a wonderful father/daughter date :)

I'm about to start implementing the tips and tricks you've shared about blog safety. Wish me luck. I'd just die if I goofed up and lost my blog into the ether!!

Jara said...

I bet that was amazing to see! What a wonderful expericence for Paprika AND her Daddy.!

asplashofsunshine said...

No one under 6 for Mary Poppins?!?! That's crazzzzy... well, unless it is somebody else's 2 year old kicking and screaming. :) Glad you had fun!