Friday, January 15, 2010

Friendly Visit!


Devon came over yesterday with her girls, Riley and Peighton. Riley is one week older than Paprika and Peighton is three months younger than Ginger. You would think that based on their birthdays we planned it this way, but lemme tell ya, we didn't!

I always have so much fun when Devon and I get together. Even though it's a full house with four kids when they come to visit, I can't help but think about the four kids who are missing: Blake, Ethan, Vivian and Annemarie. This week was 18 months since our family said goodbye to Vivian and Annemarie. Can't believe it's been so long, and yet it feels like just yesterday, too.

Peighton is still so teeny tiny! Her corrected age (she's a preemie) is just 7 weeks old. Her features are so delicate and sweet I just want to gobble her up!


Riley is so super sweet to Ginger. She wanted to play with her and interact with her and pet her little head.


Ginger loved every second of it!


Paprika had a major meltdown about an hour into our playdate and retreated up to her room to take a nap (something she hasn't done since, oh, about 2008). She slept and slept and slept. She woke up about 10 minutes after they went home and wanted to know, "Where's Riley?"


Major meltdown was forgotten and she was all smiles. I guess that's the way life is when you're three years old!



Mama Reiberg said...

what a sweet girl Paprika is. I cannot believe she napped herself down after a meltodown!

Devon said...

love the pics!!

the big girls are just too cute together and i cant wait til peighton and ginger are playing together!!

such a fun time!

Christina K said...

What a great get-together! Devon - I can't believe how beautiful your girls are!

And Erika - Paprika and Ginger are just precious!

noswimmers said...

Looks like so much fun...all the girls are just beautiful!