Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hissing Cockroaches & Other Wonders!


Yesterday, we spent the day at The Children's Museum. Paprika painted and painted and painted.


She checked out a bunch of slides under the microscope.


She met a hissing cockroach and thought that was awesome. I didn't like it quite as much!


She had a great time playing with rocks. Yes, rocks. Only to her, they weren't rocks. They were shadows. And this was a whole village of shadows, all with different relationships and jobs and duties.

I'll tell you, there was lots of drama going on in rock village. I wonder why I buy toys when really I could just bring home rocks! Hours of entertainment.


Ginger had a wonderful time, as she always does. She's happy doing whatev, and I love that about her! Good day was had by all!


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