Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here Comes The Rain


The rains have come to Los Angeles. It's dark and it's very wet. When the skies open up with blue skies, they can quickly go back to rain in just a few moments. So, we are stuck inside. We've been reading books, playing dollhouse, and enjoying eachother's company. We are venturing outside as little as possible.


Our 2009 house hunt was filled with lots of drama. Besides the debacle with the house in Redondo Beach, which I'm not talking about because it gives me nightmares (really...and that's hard to do)...we also almost bought a house last year in La Crescenta/La Canada. You remember...the one that was on the edge of the biggest fire in LA County history?

Well, after the fires up in the mountains, the mudslides come. Here is a video of the street we almost bought a house on last year: Canyonside Drive. This video was taken on Monday.

Even though we did not buy this house, I feel connected to the people in it - the people who bought it and then were confronted with a terrible fire a few weeks later and mudslides now. They don't know me, but I just feel awful for them. And they are in my prayers.


417Runner said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the mudslides for those in that area.
On a lighter note...Coen has that same giraffe "chew toy"....looks a little too close to something found at Petsmart, but he LOVES it.

Lost in Space said...

Wow, crazy video! I hope all this rain ends soon...