Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yes, I Live Under A Rock!


Apparently there is a big football game happening tomorrow at The Rose Bowl. It's called the BCS Championship. I had no idea. Literally. No idea.

So, what did I do today? I drove over with Paprika and Ginger to The Rose Bowl to go to The Children's Museum and encountered a VILLAGE of people LIVING at the Rose Bowl. Thousands! Of! People! Tailgaiting!


We were listening to Brahms in the car on the drive over. We were feeling so nice and mellow.

We got out of the car. The song Highway To Hell was blasting on the intercom. Paprika shouted, "I LOVE THIS MUSIC!!!" She started dancing.

Oh boy. Have these years of sheltering and nurturing meant nothing?!


Ginger fell asleep once we were inside. She was feelin' snuggly.


Paprika found some boys who were rock climbing and challenged them to climb. They were about EIGHT years old. Paprika climbed to the top. And then did it again. And again. And again. She has no fear.


Except for bees. She is actually terrified of bees when they're on her skin. No idea why. But she loves looking at them behind glass and is fascinated with bee hives. See?


Then we all got soaked with water...




Ginger woke up, so I carried her.


All in all, a magical day.


I am so glad we didn't go to The Rose Bowl tomorrow. Can you imagine?! Who knows what would have happened!

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