Sunday, March 10, 2013

What Heaven Looks Like...


Everyone has their idea of what Heaven looks like, and of all the places I've seen...this spot comes pretty close.  Mr. M says it reminds him of The Shire.  ;-)

Last weekend we had ourselves a little trip to the Wilderness Park by our house.  The girls plopped down in this little field and started to pick flowers.  We shot these with a regular old point and shoot camera (Canon PowerShot SX260) - and these are all straight out of the camera (SOOC - no Photoshop).

I did play around with cropping them a bit - I was trying to capture the beauty of the field and at the same time caputre the girls' expressions. 

I think the top picture is my favorite - I might get it enlarged and put it on a canvas for their bedroom.  I don't know where I'll hang it now with those enormous maps!  Haha.






Here's a little imperfect pic of me with the girls.  Not quite canvas-worthy, but it's real.  :-)


Me and Paprika:


Reminds me of this photo from wayyy back when (2007):


Me and Ginger (who wanted to go play and not sit on my lap for a picture - haha):


Down by the ducks and the turtles with Mr. M and Baby Violet.  Miss Violet was having SOOOO much fun feeding the fish and ducks (even though a lot of what she was feeding them ended up in the grass):


If you ever need a turtle, I know where to find one!:


More duck and fish feeding...


Last time we visited, a few ducks were nesting...and we came back and they were still nesting!  Paprika had hoped to see some baby ducks - but not this time.  The ducks were very territorial (as you might expect) - and so we stayed away.  Here are the girls at the upper pond - learning about tadpoles.  Paprika wanted to catch some and wait for them to grow into frogs.  She says she wants to bring them to Nana Nancy in Indiana.  ;-)

Little Science Lesson:


The End!

Ni Hao Yall


Sheila said...

You have the cutest peeps. It looks like they are sitting in Easter grass.

Dana said...

Looks like heaven to me too!

katrina said...

Beautiful family

blondemom3boys said...

Makes me wish I were there with you...but in a way, thanks to your pics...I feel like I was! :) Beautiful post!

Emily Marie said...

Absolutely beautiful! The field, their sweet faces, totally canvas worthy! :)

Erin said...

GORGEOUS pics Erika!! Oh my word. Perfection. Such beautiful girls in beautiful scenery. And you have amazing photography skills! Love catching up with you and your sweet family!