Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'll Accept My Mother of the Year Award Later...

On Monday, this happened:


And it gets better. ;-)

After I picked up Paprika at school, I had a short window to get the girls snacks and get Violet down for a nap before we needed to be at Paprika's piano lesson.

So, I set Paprika and Ginger up with a movie to watch and a snack, and went about the work of getting Violet to sleep. After much rocking and singing, Violet was asleep...on my chest. The girls were 8 feet away in the next room watching a movie, so I thought I would just relax with Violet. I was sure if I put her down, she'd wake up and then we'd have a very grumpy girl at piano lessons.

So...about five minutes before we had to leave for piano lessons, I woke up Violet. It was so hard to wake her because she was in the sweetest most serene state of slumber ever.  Pure bliss.  But I woke her because, well, we had to go to piano. I had planned on just throwing shoes on the big girls and loading them in the van.

That is, until I saw this:


Oh, so that is where my waterproof eyeliner went! I had just decided to buy a new tube because I had given up on ever finding it. The girls had drawn not only over their entire faces, but also on their arms, hands, legs, neck...everywhere!

But, well, it was time to go and those piano lessons don't make exceptions for showing up late. So when I told the girls we had to go NOW just like that, Paprika freaked out and started crying. She was too embarrassed to go to her lesson like that. So, I frantically tried to scrub her face to get it clean...tick tock tick tock, and then as soon as it was mostly gone, we flew out the door. Ginger was fine going to the lesson just as she was...thankyouverymuch.


Now, the place where Paprika takes lessons is a little Toddlers and Tiaras. There's a dance component there with Dance Moms (you know what I'm taking about) - and well, let's just say I was not looking forward to marching in there with my children covered from head to toe in waterproof eyeliner. It's the same place where that mom judged me for Ginger taking off her clothes. Remember?!

Anyhoo, I was just grateful my children were clothed and all when...just as we are getting out of the van to go inside the studio, I notice that Ginger isn't wearing any underwear. And she's wearing a dress. And then I feel the front of her dress and yup, it's wet.  Like, potty training wet. not only is my child covered in waterproof eyeliner...she's also soaked in pee. Awesome-sauce!

So, I asked Ginger, "What happened?" She tells me: "Well, I was going to go to the bathroom, but I decided to go in my pants instead. And then they were wet, so I took them off. And then you forgot to bring me fresh pants so now I am Freeeeeeee!"

Yup, some days it's so awesome being a mom.  :-)  No really, it is.  Really.  It is!  And the good news is that it all (eventually) washed off, and I had a pull-up in the car, and we all lived to roll on another day.  But I think I might have left my pride at the piano studio.  Just a little bit on that day.  :-)


The End.


Mimi said...

You're amazing, I think I would have flipped (even though there's no point!) seeing the eyeliner when time was so tight!
I love the little look on Violet in the background in the 2nd last photo..sooo cute!

jeeper said...

Best mommy blog post I have read, ever.
Should win an award. Priceless.