Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free As A Bird!


Have you found me? I'm here now!

Here's the status on the scary blog stalker who stole my photos.

I have an attorney working on the case. Blogger has taken the photos down. The scary stalker's blog is dead.

Don't mess with me or my babies. I will hunt you down...


Kickin' bootay and takin' names. Yup, that's me.


So, this week was the perfect storm.

First, I gave up caffeine. Remember? Cold-turkey. It's been brutal.

Second, Mr. Mustard worked a lot this week, so I was home with the kids all by myself.


Third, it rained ALL week. Flooded, actually.


But, the clouds are now parting.

Things are getting better.

Sunny days are here again!



Missing Kasey said...

I am glad you are up and running, I love reading your blog!


Susanne said...

I am happy that things are beginning to look a little brighter for you and your family. I look forward to reading this new blog. Happy Weekend!

My life said...

Sorry about the crazy stalkerazzi. I enjoy reading you blog! Glad things are looking brighter!

Becca said...

Erika ~ You are exactly how I'd be....don't mess with my family! I'm so glad you have this new blog. I love reading and I love seeing your pics.

Just Believing said...

Yeah I am here again!

Do you mind taking a second to email me and let me know how you made your pictures private so you can't right click?

Its so scary what happened!!

Colbert Family said...

I was so disappointed when you went private! I love reading your blog and seeing your eye thru the camera! I'm so sorry this CRAZY woman has done such a hurtful and vicious thing to your family.. So glad to see you back!

P.S Can you convince Devon to do the same????

Christina said...

Yea for sunny days ahead!
Glad you got that all fixed...weirdos!!!

417Runner said...

I'm so glad she got shut down! And that the quack-wacko can't stop you from sharing and us from reading. YAY!

Jayme said...

Yay, I am glad you'll still be around for me to read :)

Sarah said...

what a week Erika! no caffeine- and all that to deal with- YOU ARE A TROOPER!!!

You go girl- we do what we gotta do to protect our loved ones! :-)

Joni said...

Hey sweetie, I checked out her blog and lowe and behold she stole photographs from a PROFESSIONAL photographer too. Well, since I took notice I not only notified the photographer, but I also SCREEN PRINTED it so she can't deny it later, or later go private. I think while I'm at it I might even screen print ALL the pictures shes got on there for future reference for others. Glad to see you decided to stay public despite this nastiness this person has caused your family. God bless you! and your family. They are beautiful.

Amber E. said...

So glad to see you are still up and running. I love checking in with you and your family, looking through your photos and hearing about your weight loss program. I modeled my blog off of yours when I started, I wanted to share my family and photos with distant relatives and friends in much the same way. Thanks for inspiring, always being real and NOT letting the bad people get to you!