Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rose Parade Floats!


We started off yesterday with a hike up in the mountains. Someone didn't get much sleep last night. Ginger was up late and early! I got to sleep in. It was so very nice, words can't describe. Thank you, Mr. Mustard!


The hike was good. Paprika loves hiking "the brown mountains."


On the way home, we got stuck in a mess of traffic. Turns out there was a huge festival going showcasing all the Rose Parade floats. We had to turn aside and see this great sight (as my dad would say):


It was especially cool because we watched the Rose Parade on television that morning before we left the house for our hike. Paprika recognized all the floats from watching the parade, so she was especially excited!


They were even cooler close up:


Paprika thought the pirate ship was best of all. She was so excited the space man was driving the ship. When we came home, she put pots on her head and pretended to be a space man.


Ginger had fun going fast in her stroller. Wheeeeee!


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