Friday, January 8, 2010

Hush Little Baby


We figured out how to get Ginger to sleep in her crib. My mom gave me this lambskin back when I was pregnant with Paprika. It was my prenatal yoga lambie. So comfy!

We noticed that Ginger was waking up immediately when we laid her down on the cold sheets in her crib. We thought about all the things we could do to make the sheets water bottle, pre-warming the sheets with a heating pad, even getting flannel sheets.

It turns out the simplest solution was right under our noses all along. Ginger stays asleep (at least for a little while) when we lay her down now. No more frustration of getting her to sleep, only to have her wide awake the second we put her down.

Now I can get a little more rest in between her wake-ups. She's still waking up every three hours and not taking naps longer than twenty or thirty minutes during the day...but little steps. I am grateful for these little steps!

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