Saturday, January 9, 2010

Your Questions Answered

I'm standing in front of my laptop, holding Ginger in the Ergo at the moment, trying to get her to go to sleep...please take a nap, sweet Ginger!

Since I've got a few moments, I'm going to take this opportunity to answer some questions that have been posted, emailed, or Facebooked to me over the past few weeks...

1) What kind of camera do you use?

It's evolving!

My current cameras are a Lumix ZS3 and the Canon 7D. For the Canon 7D, I have two lenses in rotation. I have a Canon 50/1.4 USM and a Canon 24-70/2.8L.

I am using the Lumix a lot now because it's very small and light, and I can throw it in my pocket and take it everywhere. I still love the 7D and use it all the time, but since I got the Lumix for Christmas, I have been using it a lot, too, since it is more portable.

Here's my timeline of cameras:

August 2006-December 2009: Canon Powershot Digital Elph SD550

I took about 50,000 photos on this camera. It was my only camera the first year of Paprika's life. It was great. Then the pixels started to die, and the flash wore out, and by then, it just wasn't cutting it anymore. We kept it until this past month - and up to that point, I was still using it often for park trips, etc.

September 2007-November 2009: Canon Rebel XTi

I took about 30,000 photos on this camera. I got it for my 30th birthday, and it was my first digital SLR. I started with the kit lens, which I had for about a year. Then I upgraded lenses. Then I upgraded again. Finally, I ended up with the lenses I have now.

The Rebels are great cameras, especially if you are transitioning from a point and shoot to a digital SLR. I used the camera every day, and felt like at the end of my second year of using it, I was just then maxing out its capabilities. I am sure there was still a lot I could have done to improve my photography with that camera, but I felt ready to upgrade when the 7D came to market.

November 2009-Present: Canon 7D

My second digital SLR. I took 10,000 photos on it the first month I owned it. This camera has everything I could ever want in a camera. Yes, it's not full-frame, but I don't care. It is amazing. If I had to choose between having a car and having this camera, I would choose the camera. (Truthfully, I use my camera more than my car). The only downside is the size. It is a beast and hard to operate when I have Ginger in the Ergo front-carry, or when I am already lugging around a lot of stuff for the girls.

January 2010-Present: Lumix ZS3

This is my point and shoot that replaced my digital Elph. So far so good. I got really spoiled by the 7D, and this obviously doesn't have many of the capabilities of the 7D (specifically, it doesn't funtion as well in low light). For broad daylight shots, it's great. For indoors, I use the 7D.

I feel a little lost with the Lumix because the menu options are so different than the Canons- but I'll learn! (Hopefully).

2) Where did you get Paprika's princes wardrobe thingy?


One Step Ahead. You can even have it personalized. The pink is a little cheesy, but when I looked at all the options on the market, this one looked like something she would like best (even if I wouldn't like it best, does that make sense?) It was super easy to put together. I put it together myself during a particularly brutal week Mr. Mustard had on Dancing With The Stars. He was working crazy hours and I took out my frustration on the wardrobe construction. It's built mostly right...a few screws missing maybe, but so far it's held together okay.

3) What is your favorite baby carrier?

The Ergo. I have had every baby carrier on the market (literally). Mr. Mustard laughs at me because when I was pregnant with Ginger and going out of my mind with worry (will she be born alive? is she still moving? where is her heartbeat? why is her heartbeat slower today than yesterday? is my placenta going to hold up?) yea...when I was out of my mind with worry, I would buy used baby carriers on Ebay. That was in addition to all the carriers I had left from Paprika.

By the time Ginger was born, I had drawers of slings, mei tais, wraps, front carriers, back name it. Big brands all the way down to mama made ones.

Ginger last week:


The truth is that the only carrier that really works for me long-term is the Ergo. I love it. We have three. Today we went for a three mile hike with Paprika and Ginger. I wore Ginger in the front (almost 20 pounds), and Mr. Mustard carried Paprika (all 37 pounds of her) on his back in another Ergo.

It's definitely been my best investment in terms of baby carriers. All the other carriers I sold on Ebay recently (and got back what I paid for them...the beauty of buying used). Ergo does not pay me to say this. In fact, they don't even know who I am!

But, having carried Paprika in an Ergo since she was 6 months old, and now Ginger, I can say it is a mainstay in my parenting bag of tricks.

Paprika in her Ergo, November 2007:


Now, my friend Ann has an Ergo and she doesn't like it because she is 5 feet tall and it feels too big for her. So, short people might not get the same experience I get from mine at 5'6.5" (yes, I count that 1/2 inch!)...

4) Do you ever sleep?

No. But, Ginger is sleeping now, so I am going to lay her down in her crib (on her lambie) and give myself a little break. Til next time! :-)

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