Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Is Here!


We've been enjoying lots of warm days and sunshine. I know it must seem like all I ever do is frolic around with Ginger and Paprika, but I assure you, I have my moments of frustration, feeling overwhelmed, and times when I wonder if my sanity will survivie these years.


One day earlier this week, I thought to myself more than once that parenthood is a lot like Lost, Season 2. You know, when Desmond was stuck in the hatch and had to press the button every 108 minutes or else the world would collapse? And everyone thought he was nuts for doing it, because certainly the world would go on, right? After three years, he was crazed, and wanted to escape. And, well, when he left that responsibility up to someone else who didn't take it seriously, the world basically did collapse.


Somehow JJ Abrams and Damon Lindeloff managed to sum up parenthood pretty perfectly in that little scenario. Of course, Desmond didn't get any love or joy from his three years of service to the Hatch.

These girls give me so much joy, that even on days when I feel so responsible and encumbered, I am still immensely appreciative to be here, doing this every day.


Even though many days, I barely have time to catch my breath or wash my hair, or have one moment to myself...I do quite love the constant attention these girls require and I know some day I will long to relive just one of these days.

I also know I have to tread lightly because so many moms wish they could stay home with their kids, and I can...I chose to give up my career to be here with them 24/7, which is something my mom never could do. I love being home with my girls...even on days when I wonder how someone on Law Review and with dozens of job offers during law school ended up wiping butts all day long. ;-) But I really wouldn't have it any other way.


We planted our sunflowers in the yard this week. Paprika was so excited. She remembers well her little crop from last year, so when she saw the seed packets, she was all over planting them asap!


Yes, we are using kitchen spoons to dig in the dirt. They are a relic from our film school days, when we used them on student films to feed the crew! They are still kicking around and getting good use!


Of course, the most fun part is the watering...


Both Ginger and Paprika love to pick flowers for their mama. I get half a dozen a day from them. These petals are pretty precious...they come from the sweetest florists! But maybe I am biased!


With the rate we're picking flowers, we need to keep planting! Haha!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Party Time!


Yesterday I got a few more gray hairs. Seriously. Some friends of ours had a 5th birthday party at a local park for their son, James, and naturally we went! Mr. Mustard always works the whole weekend (since Dancing With The Stars airs Monday and Tuesday) it was just me with the girls all weekend.

Paprika wanted to make James her own card. So she did. She wrote Happy Birthday James on one side, and on the other she signed Love, and her name. I thought it added a personal touch. Watch out Hallmark! ;-)

The night before, I went to Target and bought some Star Wars Legos for the birthday boy (since I happened to know he loves Star Wars). Paprika wanted to paint him a painting for his birthday, too.

She painted this painting, and when I asked her what it meant, she said:

"It's what a party feels like."


Even though we were on time (not 15 minutes early...I am learning!), we were still the first people there! Paprika was so excited to hang out with the birthday boy and his little brother. She was having the most wonderful time in the bounce house.


Then all the other kids arrived. There were probably about 50 kids there. I am not joking. As soon as there were more than 8 kids or so, she was outta there. She did not want to leave the party...but she didn't want to come anywhere near the music and noise either. She wanted to climb up the trees and watch everyone from high in the branches.


Meanwhile, Ginger wanted to run to the other side of the park, go up to the top of the playground equipment that was about 15 feet tall, and leap off it into my arms. I think Ginger thinks she can fly, because if she sees me within 10 feet of her, she will open up her arms like a bird and jump off whatever she's standing on. She has complete trust I will catch her. Can you imagine?

Ginger was running to the other side of the huge park to scale the enormous playground equipment made for 10 year olds and not 1 year olds...while Paprika was climbing to the tops of trees at the other side of the park. I was so busy I didn't get to talk to anyone at the party.

I did grab myself a slice of pizza, and as I was putting it in my mouth, Ginger decided she wanted it instead. So I let her eat it...because goodness knows, with all that running, she must have been hungry!


Eventually, she discovered the ice in the cooler, and that kept her occupied for a good while. Everyone had already gotten their drinks, so I didn't feel bad letting her play away...


Paprika told me she really wanted to stay at the party until after she ate some cake. Can you blame her? It was the most delicious double chocolate cake. As soon as Paprika saw the cake being cut, she was down there in the middle of 50 kids, right next to the birthday boy, singing Happy Birthday, and getting her slice of cake...thank you very much.


So all is well that ends well. We all got home in one piece, and...I know the girls had a great time! :-)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Perfect Day!


Have you ever just had a perfect day that you wanted to remember forever? Friday was one of those days.

Paprika had piano lessons in the morning. After a little prodding, we all got out the door, and arrived just as the lesson was beginning (not 15 minutes early like usual). Ginger played with a little boy there, and before I knew it, it was time to go home! So much easier than last week where I was chasing her out of every room at the studio.

We came home and Paprika asked if we could have a picnic outside for lunch. Sure! I couldn't find our picnic blanket, but no biggie...I used one of the quilts off the big bed in Ginger's room.


After a yummy lunch, the girls snuggled and played with eachother. Then, the weather was so beautiful, we broke out the bounce house. Yay!


The girls bounced the day away and had a blast throwing around the balls.


And laughing. A lot.


It was just the most perfect, sunny day.


Ginger played until she was exhausted, and then she went inside and took a nice long nap while I played outside with Paprika for a few more hours.


Not every day can be so perfect, of course. Some days are filled with a seemingly endless list of chores that have to be done...a big long to-do, check-the-box list to keep the house standing. I know our days are numbered with days like year Paprika will be in Kindergarten 5 days/week and our sweet afternoons like this will be a memory (or something we look forward to at vacation).


All of those thoughts swirling in my head made this day that much sweeter. Just perfect.


That night we played games together and made Play-Doh sculptures, and had talks about all sorts of things. Mr. Mustard came home at a reasonable hour...and the girls got to spend time with him before bed.


Can a day be any better than that? I want to remember this day forever and ever. Days like this are my idea of what Heaven must be like.


The End.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Million Things


A million things have happened this week, just little things I want to remember. Ginger is really picky about her shoes and only has wanted to wear one worn-out, hand-me down pair of her big sister's...despite the fact she has her own little shoe wardrobe (cute baby shoes are something I cannot resist!)

I had put these cute little black ones up on Ebay because I gave up on her ever wearing them. Then last night, the girls were having a "dance party"- and Paprika was all dressed up in her ballerina princess dress and her sparkly shoes. Ginger came up to me with the most pathetic face and said, "Wo mama is baby's pitty spark sho?" (Translation: Where mama, is baby's pretty sparkle shoes?)

I knew just which shoes would do the trick, got them out, and she hasn't wanted them off her feet since. Good thing they didn't sell on Ebay, right?


It's been raining buckets most days. Paprika loves going outside and having a big splash-fest in the rain.


She dances around, and then runs up to the backdoor, knocks on it, and when I answer she says: I've just jumped across one hundred puddles. Can you believe it?

Like dancing in the rain is the most magical and wonderful thing she's ever done.


Speaking of magic, this week was the Teddy Bear Picnic at school. All the kids brought their teddy bears and made little wagons out of cardboard boxes for them. Paprika brought her favorite ballerina teddy bear (a present from Mimi and Pop Pop), and had the most wonderful time.


They threw the teddy bears up on the parachute, and then later the kids got under the parachute themselves! Magic!


Today I had a doctor's appointment in Beverly Hills. Mr. Mustard is usually home on Thursdays but today he had to work, so I took the girls to the appointment and he met me there and watched them while I had my visit.

They were both so good. I mean, it took us an hour to get there, then the appointment was an hour, and then it took almost two hours to get home.


They were soooo excited to eat the chocolate muffins in the cafe at the doctor's office. It made the whole trip worthwhile for them. Mr. Mustard texted me these cell phone pics while I was at my appointment. Cute, huh?


Speaking of photos, I got my big camera back today from DWTS. They had it for a week! I am so excited to use it again. Having it gone, I realized just how much I missed it. I think I would rather give up toothpaste than go without my camera again! I think everyone around me would disagree. Ha!

Paprika has been really into watercolors lately. She is prolific. I am wallpapering our house with her art (not really, but kinda).


Ginger's favorite fashion accessory is an adult sized sock on her hand. She wears them as gloves and gets so upset if you try to take them off. My little fashionista!


The End.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beach Babies!


The word on the street is that we have a huge storm coming in on Thursday, so we've been taking advantage of the sunshine while we can.


Yesterday, Paprika really wanted to go to the beach. She wanted to swim, but I convinced her that collecting seashells would be just as good. Thankfully, she was okay with that (it's not quite warm enough yet to swim without a wetsuit).

The rain had packed down the sand, so even though it was very windy, we didn't have sand blowing in our eyes.


And I think the rain over the weekend scared everyone away, because we had the whole place to ourselves.


I love swings on the beach. I still get such a kick out of them, and obviously, so do the girls!


Nothing like swinging in the sunshine with the ocean at your back and a cool breeze on your face!


I love our special beach days and my little beach babies.


We came home with our pails full of little seashells and lots and lots of sand! ;-)