Monday, January 4, 2010

Back To Reality!


Mr. Mustard goes back to work today. Paprika goes back to school. We go back to our old routine.


Mr. Mustard's six week hiatus is done. When he took off work after Thanksgiving, I thought our vay-kay was going to last forever. But nope. It's back to reality (pun definitely intended).


I think of everything we've done this break and all the fun we've had. Thanksgiving. My dad and Nancy visiting. Christmas. Mr. Mustard's birthday. We've packed a lot in!


Yesterday we had a day of rest to unwind. It felt good to be low-key for a change! We spent time together around our house and in our neighborhood. Paprika played with some of the neighborhood kids, and I got to chat up some friends I haven't seen in a long time. It was nice!


Then we had one last hurrah - big dinner out with Paprika and Ginger. We let Paprika pick the restaurant, and she picked Islands. Good family time. We didn't order Ginger a meal (obviously), but she took it upon herself to eat a coaster. We got it out of her mouth in time. Phew! It figures that she won't eat any of the organic baby food I've been making her from scratch, but a coaster is fair game! Oh, Ginger!


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