Friday, January 8, 2010

Tree Hugger!


Today was all about having fun outdoors. When I picked Paprika up from school, she was in a super grouchy mood. I couldn't figure out what was going on, and then I looked down and noticed that she had her shoes on the wrong feet. No wonder!

Once we figured that out, her attitude improved A LOT and I had my sweet girl back. Thank goodness! I changed her into some sandals, and we hit the park with Ginger. So much fun!


Paprika played hard for about two hours, running all around the park, going up and down the slides, scaling every wall and ladder.


When she was all tired out, we went for a great walk together with Ginger.


Ginger loves being out in the fresh air, too!


Actually, Ginger is pretty happy to be anywhere. Just as long as we're all together, that's all she cares about!


Since it's been all about the roses here in Pasadena these past few weeks (the Rose Bowl game and the Rose Parade), we took some time to smell the roses. Paprika calls rose petals "wishing stars" and says if you make a wish on a rose petal "wishing star," it will come true. So sweet!

Paprika is getting pretty good at identifying all the different kinds of roses.


According to Paprika, this variety is scientifically known as "the yellow kind!" ;-)


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