Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skinny Tuesday - Mexican Coke Edition


If you remember, last week I talked about how I had given up High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) - which basically puts all sodas off-limits.

Now, being trained as an attorney, I am always in search of loopholes. For the past several years, my morning Coca-Cola has been like manna to me. I fully acknowledge my Coke addiction. I used to drink Diet Coke, but then when I quit aspartame for good back in 2005, I had to give up Diet Coke.

Which led to my new love-affair with regular Coke. Now, regular Coke (as everyone knows) is chock-full of HFCS. So, I assumed that by giving up HFCS I would also have to give up Coke.

Not so. Not so.

Because, my friends, Mexican Coke is not made with HFCS. It is made with good-old-fashioned sugar. It's just four ingredients. Water, sugar, caramel color, and something else that is escaping my memory at the moment.

The loophole was found. Now I just had to find my Mexican Coke.

Where could I find it? Well...I live in Los Angeles. LA County's population is 47% Latino. In fact, 14% of all Mexicans in the whole United States live right here in LA County. If there is one place in the whole United States where I just knew I could find Mexican Coke, it would be right here. It was like I was meant to live here!

So, I did find Mexican Coke. Right down the street at my local BevMo. I got a case of it. And when the cashier rung it up, I about fell over. It's $1.80 per Coke, no discount for a full case.

I came home and told Mr. Mustard I spent $45 on a case of Coke and he said, "You are switching to water."

About a week later, the case of Mexican Coke was gone and I was back in my same old sugar-addicted spot. This led to another trip to BevMo. Next week the same thing. Finally, I just decided that spending $45/week on a 24-pack of Coke is lunacy.

So, then I switched to Hansen's (available at Trader Joe's), which is made with sugar but doesn't have caffeine (the sugar/caffeine combo is the one I crave the most). It just didn't satisfy.

Then, I tried to quit Coke cold-turkey, but it made me really hard to live with and a little crazy.

So, now I am back at square one. I don't really want to get in the habit of spending $45/week on Mexican Coke. But I don't want to buy regular Coke anymore either. I just want to be done with being addicted to it.

So, this week I vow to only drink zero calorie beverages with no caffeine or artificial sweetners. Which basically means...water. Why am I so not excited about this?

Perhaps I will be more excited about it next week when I emerge a few pounds lighter and with my head a little clearer and my wallet a little fatter.

Now for some HARD NUMBERS...

I have gotten a bunch of questions about what my start weight was, and where I am now.


Here goes!

Start Weight (July 2009): 214

Current Weight: 157

Total Pounds Lost: 57

Goal Weight: 123 (weight I was at my wedding)

Pounds To Go: 34

My goal is to be at goal weight by this July. I am on track to get there. I just have to keep making good decisions and keeping the end goal in mind!


Shelli said...

Hi Erica,

Do you have Costco in CA? They have Mexican coke for $18 a case.

Love your blog.

Shelli said...

Hi Erica,

Do you have Costco in CA? They have Mexican coke for $18 a case.

Love your blog.

Eve & Joel said...

Wow! I can't believe you guys can go through a case a week! I gave up soda to lose my freshman 15 (in my case, 18) back in college and now luckily only crave it every now and then. Giving up all soda really helped me keep the 15 lbs off.

Lauren said...

That is too funny, Erika! Josh is always looking for the loopholes in things too. Too bad that Mexican Coke was so darn expensive! I bet if you made a trip south of the border, it would be $0.20 per bottle. But, never mind... your decision to cut it all out is best. That should definitely help you get to your goal weight.

Crystalyn said...

Around here, you can get "for a limited time" Pepsi, MtnDew, and Dr Pepper made with real sugar. We've kidnapped a few cases since they say they will not make them forever We hate HFCS

siri said...

You know they sell Mexican Coke by the CASE at Costco! We stock up every trip...just something to think about :)

RockyMtnGirl said...

Have you tried Jones Soda? It's made with cane sugar, so no HFCS. It is delish. And you won't pay $45 for it. I find it at our local Sams's Club and get an assortment for $20/case.

Oh, and it has caffeine to assist with your addiction. Bliss.

Sarah said...

Good luck! Maybe you could get a juicer a and try a nice carrot/celery juice in the mornings instead. Not quite the same as Coke, though...

Brookeanne said...

I'm with the hubby... the soda has got to go ;). But I say this as someone who is much more pleasant when I have my morning (black) coffee (which I indulge myself in 2-3 times a week). Whatever you end up doing, I am certain you will continue to do a fantastic job! But I promise, if you let go of soda's for a really long time, they start tasting as bad as cigerettes.

Loving your "skinny tuesday"!

Christina said...

Wow...Ive never even heard of Mexican coke before. I'm glad you found some. Hopefully you can find it cheaper.
Love your blog!

Christine:) said...

Hi Erika:) Thanks for your comment about Skinny Tuesdays on my blog! I like the concept:) Haven't tried Mexican Coke but I will look for it because I am curious now:)

Jerilyn said...

Try peppermint tea (hot or cold) it is wonderful..I am a Dr. Pepper freak..I have been drinking them every day since I was about 3 months pregnant with my daughter (27 years ago) I started craving it and I have never quit. Good luck to you..my hubby gave up all sodas about 4 years

Melissa said...

I completely understand your addiction and the longing for it day after day. I am that way with McDonald's coke, there is just something about the way they make it that tastes so much better than any other fountain soda?? Great job on the weight loss. I too am on a weight loss goal. Can I ask you how tall you are? I am looking at getting down to around 130lbs. but I don't know if it is realistic at 5'6"? Keep up the good work, you are helping to keep me motivated!

Becky said...

oh how i LOVE mexican coke!! i will not try and stop you from drinking the yummy goodness that is coke made with sugar. mmmm!

congrats on the weightloss!!

melmommy said...

Oh I love that stuff.

I just found your blog on FB of all places telling me to disable the right click thingy on blogger. I wonder how I can do that with my mac.? I'll have to figure it out.

I am starting my diet this Monday. I'm not sure if I want to blog about it or not, I might. I am now at the weight you started at and want to get to 125 my starting weight.

Anyway, I really like your blogs. Talk to you later.