Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Adventures!


We spent Sunday at the Botanical Gardens near our house. It was a t-shirt and shorts kind of day. I know we're one of the few places in the US right now experiencing that kind of weather. We definitely did not want to take it for granted!

Paprika had a great time running through the mist and playing in the gardens. She visited the fish again. Yup, it was our second trip in a week. We are becoming regulars, I guess!


Ginger loved staring in at the fish. She is so interested in animals now. Yesterday on our hike, she got so excited by all the dogs we saw. She is enamored with our cat. So it stands to reason that she would love fish, too.

She's also very into grabbing my camera (and my hair and everything else in sight)!


When we got home, we made organic hummus from scratch. It was so much work and turned out not so great. Not horrible, just kinda Eh. Definitely not as bad as the cookies we made for Santa, which were totally inedible. But definitely not worth the hassle.

I wish I were a better cook. I really am awful at it. I try so hard, and each time it just turns out to be a disaster. How did I get through a Master's Degree and Law School and not understand how to follow a simple recipe? I guess sometimes I think I know more than the recipe, and that certain ingredients are optional...but it turns out that in most recipes, the ingredients are all pretty important. Who knew?

Here's to better culinary adventures in the future! That's the nice thing about getting second chances. At least with recipes, there is always a chance for a re-do. If only life were that simple. ;-)

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