Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anatomy Of A Meal

Feed Me!


Pretty Please?!


Ah, Distraction!


I'm Ready!


What the heck was that?!


Needless to say, we're going very slowly with solid foods.

What do you think of the high chair cover? I found a very fab seller on Etsy (Sewplicity) who makes custom highchair covers. Thank goodness, because I bought this chair used on Craigslist and it was disgusting (understatement) before I replaced the cover. Now I think it looks brand new!

I even got matching bibs, which Mr. Mustard says is kinda like camouflage and makes Ginger nearly invisible in the chair. That could come in handy! ;-)


Laila said...

Oh, Erika, she is sooo adorable! I especially love the first two photos :-) I will keep that option on Etsy in mind for replacing highchair covers (someone already promised me their old highchair!). I love your blog and think all the recent changes really work well <3

Adrienne said...

She is SO cute. I know what you mean about the high chair, I got an old one off Craigslist, too, and didn't think I ever would again, but maybe if I could get a new cover for it... The matching bib does kind of make her look like a floating head. :o)

Kim Graves said...

I was immediately going to ask where you got the cover! Its gorgeous... send me the link (here or elsewhere). How's A been eating these days? I remember you having big issues with her in the beginning.

Jayme said...

I love the cover! I had noticed the bib was the same pattern and was wondering before I'd gotten to that part of your entry :)

ryansmom said...

Love all the facial expressions.

Sheri said...

I was thinking the same thing, what a pretty cover! Thanks, I was going to order a new one from Graco.
She is so cute. That last face cracked me up!

mum2abby said...

I love the cover! Its adorable!!! I would have thought you spent a pretty penny on the chair, never thought about just recovering it...

Ali said...

The chair and the small child in the chair are ADORABLE!!! :)

Devon said...

LOVE the cover!!!

The Rosa Family said...

shes adorable!!