Monday, January 4, 2010

Botanical Gardens!


After I picked Paprika up at preschool today, I took Paprika and Ginger to the Botanical Gardens.


We made friends with the fishies. Glub!


Paprika really wanted to pet them and got really close!


We looked at the many statues. This one looked a little scary!


Ginger was soooo tired. Look at those sleepy eyes!


Then she fell asleep. All better.


Then, my favorite moment of the day happened:


When we got home, my least favorite moment of the day happened. Paprika brought her little potty out to the living room to show me her #1 and #2. Why she decided to carry the potty out full I will never know. Needless to say, the potty flipped open and the contents...the ahem...entire contents spilled all over our floor (and all over Paprika). Paprika started screaming, Ginger woke up, and the mess was legendary.

I did not take pictures. ;-)

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