Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Velcro Paprika


Today, Mr. Mustard took Paprika to the Children's Museum. It was good for them to have some father/daughter bonding time. It gave me a few moments to myself at home. Since Paprika has been back from Santa Barbara, she has been like velcro on me...never leaving my side for a second. Not that I mind it (in fact, I love it)- it's just that I want her to get out and enjoy the sunshine and I'm not too mobile right now. From the pictures Mr. Mustard took, it looks like they had a great time!


I've been doing a lot of resting in bed, and Paprika has been keeping me great company. She really won't leave my side. She has been singing me songs, and singing songs to the baby dolls she is letting sleep in the new baby's bassinet. Her favorite song to sing is "Rock-A-Bye Baby," which she can sing for hours on end. She also has made up a lot of songs about the sun, the moon, and wishing stars.

Paprika is very excited about her new sibling, and she is always saying, "when the baby comes out, the baby will sleep here..." or "this is the carseat for when the baby comes out." Everything is "for when the baby comes out." I know she is going to be a great big sister to this little one.

For now, I am enjoying my non-stop serenades and watching Paprika play by my bedside. She is one amazing little girl!

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