Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snuggling and Cuddling...


This picture was taken yesterday...38 weeks 2 days pregnant. Paprika snuggled up with me on the couch, and kept me company while we watched a movie.

Mr. Mustard took her to the park for the afternoon to let her run and play, and she got out some of her unstoppable energy. I am loving having Mr. Mustard home...it's truly the best gift to have him here, and he helps so much with Paprika. I could get used to this!

After dinner and right before night night, Paprika and Mr. Mustard watched part of Enchanted on our laptop. Paprika loves the singing and dancing numbers- and she studies them so seriously. She wants to get everything just right. She demands complete silence during the song and dance scenes, and does not want anyone singing along. She's studying it- and doesn't want you to mess it up! After all, she knows she's going to give a concert to us at 3am, so she wants to make sure she gets it down perfectly!


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