Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quality Time


So good...so very very good.

Mr. Mustard and I have been making sure to make sure both girls get their one on one time. I make sure to spend at least an hour or two a day with Paprika by myself. She gets to pick what we do, and we enjoy just spending time just the two of us. While I'm with Paprika, Mr. Mustard gets to bond one on one with Ginger.


Yesterday, Paprika wanted to play with her water table on the front porch. Of course she got soaked, but that was half the fun! I cherish these moments with Paprika, and love our time together just as much as I always have.


While I'm with Paprika, Mr. Mustard spends one on one time getting to know Ginger. Mr. Mustard and Paprika have such a strong bond, and I know Mr. Mustard is building just as strong of a connection with baby Ginger.


Of course, the rest of the time, we are all together as a family. We spend lots of time the four of us all together. And I spend lots of time with Ginger feeding her soothing her, and holding her while she sleeps. Mr. Mustard spends lots of father/daughter fun time with Paprika. We like to keep it all balanced, and so far it's working out well!


I am so grateful for these days...and amazed by how much happiness these two little girls bring into our lives!


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