Friday, June 26, 2009



There is something very special about sisters. I've never had a sister...well, except Ann who I count as my sister because she has been my very best friend since I was 14 years old.

We've seen eachother through ups and downs, through great times and terrible times...and we're still best friends. She lets me be myself, and I let her be herself. We're not afraid to have lots of fun when we're together, and to do really really cheesy get our pictures taken at the mall together! (She's probably gonna strangle me for posting these pictures). I mean, if you can't go to the mall wearing matching outfits (down to the socks) and get your picture taken with someone, can you really call them your best friend?! These pictures were taken about 7 years ago, I think!


I hope that as they grow up, Paprika and Ginger have the kind of friendship and sisterhood that Ann and I have. Even though she lives in Indiana and I live in California, we still talk just about every day on the phone. When Mr. Mustard and I lost Vivian and Annemarie, she got on a plane that very day and was in my hospital room hours after I delivered. She is just about the best sister a girl could ever ask for...and I am so lucky.



A sister is a gift...I want these girls to grow up loving each other and being each other's best friends. So far, they are off to a pretty great start!



Sheila said...

Erika, I noticed this picture at the bottom of your post so I clicked on it. You're right, she's not just your best friend, she's your sister. I do have one question since I've been reading your blog about 2 years now.
Excuse me if you posted anything about this already.
Did you choose Paprika's name as a tribute to you and your sister?
I love the name and now I love it more because it just has to be for the reasons in your post. Your two beat in sync, you each have a chamber of each others heart.

Erika said...

sheila- yes, i did!!! well, we loved the name anyway- but it definitely was a tribute to her. :-)

Sheila said...

Sorry about the typo in the earlier post. It should read you two beat in sync, you each have a chanber of each other's heart.
I was still in the midst of a chest heaving cry over her getting on a plane to get to you as fast as she could. You are loved and now it's even more clear why Paprika's "light" is so bright.