Sunday, June 21, 2009

All Love!


We've been settling in nicely at home. Ginger fits right in to our family, and Paprika is definitely in love with her baby sister. When we came home, the first thing Paprika said was, "I love her. I am never going to leave her side, ever!"


Paprika has given her lots and lots of kisses and love. It's safe to say that she adores Ginger, as do we all!


Ginger is a very mellow, sleepy baby. She is very laid back and is so very different than Paprika was at this age. Paprika was go-go-go, and Ginger likes to kick back and relax!


We are focusing on bonding, feeding, and getting to know our little girl. We are so happy to have her home!


Today is Father's Day...I think Mr. Mustard is pretty pleased with his Father's Day present, even if she did come a few days early!


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