Sunday, June 14, 2009

Labor Progressing?


I've been feeling contractions pretty regularly since last night. They are strong, but come and go and aren't too regular yet. Sometimes they are very painful, and they are usually accompanied by strong back pain.

I don't know if all these contractions are doing anything, or if it's just false labor. We were tempted to jump in the car last night and drive to the hospital, but the last thing I wanted to do was go down there and get turned away because it's still too soon.

I am looking forward to my doc appointment this week- hopefully he will tell me that I'm ready to go! Doubtful, but I can hope, right?


In the meantime, we've been tying up loose ends around the house as we wait for baby. Paprika has been all over the map with her sleeping...I think she senses big changes are coming. She didn't fall asleep last night til after 3 am, then was up at 9 am this morning. Then by 4 pm, she went in her room, got in bed, pulled the covers over herself, and went to sleep.

But still, even with her crazy sleep schedule, she's been pretty active- she's gone with us on many errands today and we even squeezed in a park visit at a brand new playground. She is definitely keeping us busy!


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