Monday, June 29, 2009

Relaxing Weekend!


We had a very relaxing weekend around our house. On Saturday, Ginger was a good sport and let me dress her up in some ridiculous outfits!



We spent a lot of time this weekend hanging out the four of us. Paprika is a real protector of her little sister and always wants to make sure Ginger is warm, well-fed, and comfortable. Whenever we go anywhere, she always asks, "Can Ginger come with us?"


Paprika loves holding her sister, "petting her" (as she calls it), and helping out with changing Ginger's diapers and dressing her. Paprika is actually proving to be a big help...I am really proud of how wonderful she's been this past week!

On Sunday night, we even went out to dinner with Paprika and Ginger to one of our favorite local restaurants. Ginger slept through the entire car ride, meal, and ride home. I don't think she even knew we left the house! Success!


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