Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Ginger is behaving just like she did in the womb. She likes to sleep all day long, and be awake all night long. I'm not joking. She is awake from midnight until 7am, and then will not open her eyes again all day until it's time to wake up at midnight and start the whole process over again.


So, things have gotten very practical around here. Mr. Mustard is getting shut eye on the spare bed in Paprika's room (a very comfortable Queen sized bed, I might add!) One of us has to be awake to take care of Paprika during the day, so he really needs his rest.


I am staying up with Ginger at night. She is an all-night nurser, and does not want to fall asleep for anything. During the day, it's a different story. You can plop her down anywhere and she will sleep, sleep, sleep. At night, if she's not attached to me, then she's one upset little lady!

During the day, I wake her up every two to three hours to nurse. Even though it's very hard to wake her up, I have to do it...she needs to keep eating, and I need her to keep eating for milk supply reasons. She takes about an hour to do one feeding (because she sleeps through half of it), and we time feedings from the start of the first feeding to the that means I get about one hour of downtime between feedings during the day. I really don't mind it, though.


Paprika still requires very little sleep for a two year old...she doesn't take naps, and went to sleep last night at midnight, woke up at 6am, and then went back to sleep for a few more hours. These girls have minds of their own when it comes to sleeping. Every baby book I read tells me the opposite of how these girls behave, so...yes, I've decided to throw all those books away! LOL!


Mr. Mustard and Paprika are off on their adventures daily. I am really enjoying this time before Mr. Mustard goes back to work! Yesterday, they spent the day at the Children's Museum. Ginger and I stayed home...and she slept...and I tried to sleep a little, too! But I also took lots of pictures of her. What can I say, I can't stop looking at her even when she's asleep! These pictures were all taken on Ginger's fifth day of life. Five days old!


Occasionally, Ginger will wake up enough during the day to yawn, before she goes right back to sleep. I am so happy when I catch those moments on camera!


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