Saturday, June 6, 2009

Full Term, Baby!

We have reached the 37 week mark! Although we still know that nothing is guaranteed, we are excited that the finish line to the birth is drawing very near. Just a little while longer of sweating before we get to meet our newest Urth. We are excited- nervous, but very excited!

Healing from my surgery isn't going quite as fast as it did last time. I am wondering if they maybe didn't get everything they were supposed to? Ahem! I hope that's not the case and that before long, I'll be up and around again.

In the meantime, Paprika has been great company. We've been snuggling on the couch, watching Disney movies- which is a nice treat for both of us. She makes me smile even when I would otherwise be super grumpy.


Mr. Mustard is working today, but is off tomorrow, and then he goes back on Monday...and then he's done with work again! He doesn't have another job lined up, so we'll just enjoy this time off as a well-positioned break as we welcome our newest family member. I am looking forward to having him home a bit- it's good timing with the new baby coming. It will be great for Paprika and for the baby to get to spend some quality time with their daddy- and of course, I love having him around more, too!

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