Wednesday, June 3, 2009

36 Weeks 3 Days Appointment

On Tuesday, I headed down to Los Angeles for my 36 week doctor's appointment. It was 2 1/2 hours of driving each way- but cruising the coast of California next to the ocean isn't a bad way to spend the day, really.

At the doc's office, they did the GBS test, which tests for Strep B. I tested positive with Paprika and I suspect I will again this time. It's not a big deal if they catch it prior to delivery...they will give me IV antibiotics as a precaution during labor if I test positive again.

I also had an ultrasound! Based on the ultrasound measurements, the baby weighs approximately 7 pounds 6 ounces at 36 weeks! Coincidentally, 7 pounds 6 ounces is what I weighed at 40 weeks 5 days gestation!

The baby is the size of an average baby at about 40 weeks, aka due date! So, that means that the baby is measuring about 4 weeks ahead, which is right about where Paprika was at this gestation. The tech and doctor kept commenting on how big and long the baby is for this gestation. The doctor was a little shocked at the size of the baby. All fluid levels, etc. were perfect...which made me feel good. It was so wonderful to see our baby again- I am so grateful for good ultrasounds now! :-)

We are very sure of the due date of this baby...mostly because I am obsessive about knowing this type of thing, and because our first ultrasound was so early that there is very little room for error.

I am happy about the weight and size of the baby. Paprika was induced at 39 weeks and was about 8 1/2 pounds...if this baby grows at an average rate, that means this baby will also be around 8 1/2 pounds at 39 weeks, or 8 pounds at 38 weeks (2 weeks early), since babies tend to gain about 1/2 pound/week in the last month of pregnancy.

I talked to the doctor about induction again, and we are pretty set to induce during either the 38th or 39th week of pregnancy. We will know more as the time gets closer and he'll have to do some more checking to make sure that conditions are favorable for an induction.

I do enjoy being pregnant. But, more than anything, I want this baby to be born healthy and without complications. I feel like the longer the baby is inside, the more that can go wrong. I realize this is because of my own history and that in most cases, everything does go right. But having lost three babies now (first through miscarriage and then Vivian and Annemarie) makes me anxious. So, as soon as it is safe for the baby to be born healthily, I want the birth to happen.

I go back next week for my next appointment (37 weeks), then the following week (38 weeks)- and at that appointment, we'll decide if we're going to induce at 38 weeks or wait til 39 weeks. So, no matter what, we're just about three weeks away at most now. :-)

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