Friday, June 26, 2009

Ginger's One Week Check-Up!


I can't tell what Ginger was trying to tell me in this she a future activist? A revolutionary leader? Cheering for the home team? Or just stretching? I don't know...tell me, sweet Ginger! Maybe she's excited because she had a great first doctor's visit!

Ginger had her one week check-up on Thursday. She was seen twice by a pediatrician in the hospital, but this was her first trip out into the world since she came home from the hospital. I even put clothes on her, but when we got there, I had to take them off for the nurse to weigh her. So, she wore her cute little outfit for about 20 minutes total.


Mr. Mustard has been joking with me because I bought Ginger a vast wardrobe of clothes- I mean, she has more clothes than Mr. Mustard and I both put together...and that's just for her 0-3 month outfits! But, since she's been home, I have wanted to keep her in her birthday suit because she just seems more comfortable that way, and I love her newborn skin.


So, who knows how many of these newborn outfits will get worn. She wore one outfit home from the hospital...and one to the doc's office today. And that's pretty much it! I do have a few special outfits I want to take photos of her wearing...on my list of things to do! And, of course, when she starts getting out of the house more, she'll definitely have to wear all in due time.

The doc appointment today was a success. We go back in a week for a two week check-up! Everything is looking good, and we are so grateful for that clean bill of health! She is just about the same as her birthweight (breastfed babies tend to lose more weight the first week), and the doctor checked her heart, lungs, etc. and all are in great shape.

Ginger is such a mellow baby- she slept through most of the appointment, and would occasionally open her eyes, look around, and yawn once or twice before falling back asleep. Easy peasy.

Paprika was superb at the appointment and really impressed the office staff with her funny jokes, and her sense of humor. She is such a wonderful, special girl...a true gift to her mommy, daddy, and her baby sister.


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