Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Week Old!


Today Ginger has her one week birthday. This time last week, she was born into the world and we held her for the first time. Time is going by way too fast already!


Later today, she'll have her one week check-up with the pediatrician. We'll all load into the car and head over to see the good doc. Paprika really likes our ped's office, so she'll be excited to go! It will be only the second time Ginger has ridden in a car...the first time, of course was her ride home from the hospital!


Paprika continues to be an awesome big sister. I'm so grateful for Paprika, and how well she's handling Ginger being part of our family. It already feels like Ginger has been part of our lives forever - and I think Paprika feels that way, too. We are in a cozy routine, and enjoying the company of one another.


Ginger has started to wake up to the world more...she is opening her eyes a lot more now. I love looking into her soulful peepers!


I want to say to her something Paprika says to me all the time, which is: Whatcha thinkin' about? Whatcha dreamin' about?

I think this little girl, Ginger, has lots to think about and dream about already...


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