Saturday, June 13, 2009

Park, Up, and Dinner


Friday we had quite the busy day! Mr. Mustard took Paprika to the park in the morning because she needed to run. She had a great time climbing, jumping, running, and taking advantage of every inch of the playground.


When they got home, we all headed out to our local theater and saw the movie Up! We took Paprika to see Wall-E last year. I guess seeing Pixar movies in the theater has become sort of a tradition for us.

Paprika sat on my lap the whole movie was completely silent. When the movie was finished, she looked up at us very wide-eyed and said, "Wow. That was such a good movie!" And then she talked about it for pretty much the rest of the day. "Did you like the bird?" "Did you like the doggies?" "Do you remember the balloons?" It made quite an impression.

I was so glad that yesterday I bought some new waterproof mascara (an essential for giving birth) and that I tried it out for the first time today. It did not disappoint. I haven't cried that hard at a movie in a long time, and I was so glad that I didn't emerge from the theater with huge black raccoon eyes.

After we left the theater, we rode the escalators at the nearby shoe store for an hour or so. One of Paprika's favorite things to do is to ride the escalators over and over and over again. It's free, and fun, and why not? Simple pleasures.


Then we went to play in the giant water fountains in the middle of the mall. Paprika got totally soaked- from head to toe. When she was ready to go, we squeezed her out and headed home for a quick wardrobe change before dinner.


For dinner, we went to Chipotle- our old standby. Then we came home, did some painting and crafts, had a bath, and hit the hay. A pretty simple day - aren't those the best?

Oh, and at the end of the night, Mr. Mustard took this picture of my last 15 minutes of being 37 weeks pregnant with this baby!


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