Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TGI Tuesday!

Tuesdays are always my "Fridays"- the days I use to get to the grocery store, catch up on laundry, and get the house clean for our "weekend." Today I woke up extra early to do laundry and Paprika helped me grocery shop this morning, which freed up almost the whole day to spend at the park. It was worth it! We had such a fun time!

Here are some pictures from our day:

Paprika took three dinosaur friends to the park today. She had a wonderful time playing pretend with them- she fixed them salads, introduced them to some nice "snakies" (big sticks), and made sure they had blankies and naptime.

We stayed til the sun went down! Paprika did not want to leave. There were a few promises made in order to get Paprika to come home- mostly concerning Mr. Mustard taking her out to do fun stuff tomorrow while I'm at the doctor. I hope he can keep the promises I made! ;-)

Mr. Mustard is home from a long few days of work, and we are probably going to watch Dancing With The Stars together, to see what he's been working so hard on these past few days!

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