Saturday, March 28, 2009

Third Trimester Today

Today marks the start of the third trimester! The past few weeks have been really emotional for me. We are so excited, and so grateful to be at this point in the pregnancy. Being here also makes us think of Vivian and Annemarie, and wanting them here, too.

I bought some clothes for the new baby, and hung them up in the closet last week. Seeing all those new clothes hung up was bittersweet- I looked over at Vivian and Annemarie's section in my closet, and wished that they had a whole wardrobe, too. I have two outfits a piece that I kept for each of them, and now I wish I had more...but I know that in Heaven, they don't need clothes!

So, we keep on, keepin' on! Having that ultrasound on Thursday really helped. I love looking at this baby, who represents so much hope and joy in our lives. Twelve more weeks to go (more or less)! Let the countdown begin!

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