Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day With Daddy!

Paprika and Mr. Mustard spent the day at the Zoo today. I really wanted to go with them. I cherish my time with Mr. Mustard and Paprika so much, and I never want to miss a second. But I woke up this morning not feeling too well, so I decided to stay home while they had their adventure.

I am very rarely home alone- in fact I can't remember the last time I was alone in our house. I felt a little guilty for the hours they were gone- I hardly knew what to do with myself. I had the urge to sing at the top of my lungs (Paprika can't stand it when I sing and she protests loudly). I ended up resting in bed- not the most exciting alternative, but it was so nice.

When Mr. Mustard came home, he was exhausted. He plopped down on the bed and told me all the things Paprika did at the Zoo. I nodded my head in agreement - it all sounded very familiar!

She is definitely challenging- an immeasurable amount of fun and joy- but challenging! Mr. Mustard had a hard time with the fact that she wanted to stay at each exhibit for a long time. They were at the zoo for four hours and saw four animals: the meerkats, the alligators, the kangaroos, and the pelicans.

Mr. Mustard said that after they had sat for over an hour in the hot sun studying the kangaroos, he'd had enough. He told Paprika it was time to move on to the next exhibit, but she didn't want to leave! When she's made up her mind about something, it's hard to get her to change it. I think that goes with being two!

He ended up bribing her with a cheeseburger and fries to get her to leave the kangaroos. Then they came home, and I got to hear the full report!

I am sad I missed a day with my two favorite people, but glad they had fun together. And glad that I at least got to see the pictures when they got home!

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