Friday, March 27, 2009

Test Results!

Just got a call from my doctor's office- I failed the one hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) which tests for Gestational Diabetes. They also told me that I am anemic. They are putting me on iron supplements starting today. Next week I go back for the three hour GTT, which means I can't eat anything before the appointment except this nasty beverage, and then they do a blood draw once an hour for three hours to check my levels.

If I fail the three hour test, I'll be diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, will meet with a nutritionist and be put on a special diet. The baby will also be monitored even more closely!

Not a big deal at all in the big scheme of things- just a little annoying! My appointment is at 9:45am, which means my commute to my doctor's office (on the other side of Los Angeles) will be in rush hour traffic! Better leave the house by 7am! Oy vey!

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