Saturday, March 14, 2009

25 Weeks!

Today marks the start of the 25th week of pregnancy. For anyone who is counting (and that would be me), that means I have 105 days left until my official due date of June 27th. I am hoping to make it the whole way, or at least pretty close with a healthy little one.

My cravings this time are pretty simple: lots of fruit, especially oranges! And turkey sandwhiches with lots of mayo and avocado on whole wheat bread. A few weeks ago, I had to get creative because we were out of turkey, so I had a pepperoni sandwich (organic, nitrate-free)- which has now also become a favorite. My craving for chocolate has thankfully subsided. For awhile there, all I wanted was chocolate cheesecake, but that's also in the past now...thankfully!

So far, pre-eclampsia seems to be staying at bay. That was a big issue in my pregnancy with Paprika, and I have pictures of my very swollen feet to prove it! We're doing lots of blood pressure checks, and so far so good.

I do find it a little hard to walk these days- I want to be the active person I usually am, but I find I need to rest a lot. If I'm not resting, everything hurts more. So, I am resting as much as I can, all things considered.

The baby is not a huge mover and shaker so far. I have an anterior placenta again (I have had this in all my pregnancies), which basically means the placenta is in the front, so I can't feel as much movement as I would if it were in the back. I can go the whole day without feeling the baby, so at night, I will put the doppler on to check for a heartbeat. As soon as I put the doppler on, I always get a huge kick and sometimes many kicks, telling me to "get that thing away from me!" So, I have been using the doppler a lot less, and when I do use it, it's for less than 10 seconds because the moment I put it on my stomach, I get a very firm confirmation that all is well inside. Someone does not want to be bothered! :-)

I have started window shopping for baby things online. Just sort of looking around. It brightens my mood a lot to look at little things for the baby and it gives me some hope! That's a good thing...

So, we are getting closer. 105 days is a lot closer than 280 days (the length of an average pregnancy)... Just ticking along, one day at a time, and thankful for each day of being pregnant.

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