Monday, March 23, 2009

Park and Sunshine!

Mr. Mustard's mom, Pat, spent the weekend with us. Mr. Mustard had to work on Dancing With The Stars over the weekend (since they air Monday/Tuesday), so it was just me, Pat, and Paprika. Pat is still recovering from her mastectomy last month, and I am very pregnant, so we were quite a pair together chasing after Paprika!

I think everyone managed to have a good time, though! Pat surprised Paprika with this pretty yellow dress when we all went out to lunch and shopping on Saturday. Between this dress and the Tinkerbell swimsuit, she doesn't want to wear anything else!

I took Paprika to our favorite park today. As you can see, we really had the whole place to ourselves. No one was there! It's so nice to go on Mondays, because everyone spends the weekend at the park so no one ever visits on Monday and it's like our own big, private backyard. We really get our run of the place!

We did all our usual stuff, like spending lots of time on the swings...

Climbing Trees...

And looking at all the bugs in the grass. Paprika is very partial to bumblebees- I would call it a mild obsession. It's hard to know how much to encourage her interest- she wants to touch them and hold them, and thankfully, they've all flown away before she's had a chance to get stung!

Today she took a big interest in the ladybugs. They are easier to play with because they don't fly away as quickly! ;-)

I don't know if you can see it, but this is Paprika's ladybug about to take flight...she got so upset when the ladybug left and spent half an hour looking for her again.

In other addition to dressing herself, Paprika now likes to do her own hair. As you can see, she is very into hair bows!

If she had it her way, she'd wear her Tinkerbell swimsuit and 50 hairbows out and about every single day of the week!

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