Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Little Composer

Paprika has been enjoying our piano so much. It brings her such joy to sit down, put her fingers to the keys, and begin to play. She has the focus to sit and play for a quite a long time and especially loves to sing while she's playing. So far, I haven't recognized any of the songs she plays- I think they are songs she's made up herself.

We get a lot of joy from sitting and listening to her performances, and cheering her on. Here are a few photos we took tonight before bedtime. Sometimes she'll even let Mr. Mustard show her a thing or two on the piano...

Earlier today, we spent the day at The Children's Museum- it was packed because there was a special event. Paprika had a grand time playing and interacting with the older kids, and telling many of them what to do, not that they listened to her! She went up and down the "ant hole" - which is a part of the museum she was too scared to go in before. When she saw some kids a little older than her (ages 4 and 5) going in the ant hole, she could not be outdone, so she went and did it all by herself...over and over again.

We stayed til the Museum shut down and then went to the pet store. It was the only way I could convince her to leave the museum! She really wanted to visit the mice at the pet store, so I obliged, then we came home, had dinner, and she started her concert on the piano for Mr. Mustard and me. All in all, a very full day!

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