Thursday, March 19, 2009

Care Package and Choo Choo Trains!

Wednesday night I went down to the mailbox to find a wonderful surprise! My Aunt Laura had mailed us a care package with gifts for Paprika and the new baby! Thank you so much, Aunt Laura! Paprika was so excited to see the pretty clothes her Aunt Laura had mailed her. She wanted to try everything on immediately, and once she saw the Tinkerbell swimsuit- that was it! She wouldn't take it off the rest of the night and even wanted to wear it to bed (of course I let her).

Paprika just before bedtime in her new swimsuit:

This morning (Thursday), she woke up and still didn't want to take off the swimsuit. We compromised by letting her wear her new "pretty dress" (aka "swimsuit cover-up") that Aunt Laura sent her. She was so excited about it that she happily agreed.

Today, Mr. Mustard and I took Paprika to the train museum, Travel Town, and she had a wonderful time!

We rode the children's train around the park twice- Paprika thought that was a lot of fun, and especially liked sitting by Daddy:

Paprika loved exploring the train yard, and getting to see the inside of the train cars. It was a beautiful, warm day- and the area is really open so she can run and explore freely.

We had the place practically to ourselves, and took our time enjoying the park and learning about trains and their history.

Mr. Mustard took this picture of me today to mark my 25th week of pregnancy. I am today, 25 weeks 5 days pregnant with Urth Baby #5:

For comparison, here I am in the same exact shirt, on June 1, 2006, 30 weeks pregnant with Paprika.

Gosh, that seems like a long time ago!

Afterwards, we had dinner at Chipotle before Mr. Mustard had to zip off to do some work. All in all, a very fun day full of sunshine and fun.

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