Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poor Little Baby

Paprika really wanted to go to the small indoor playground today, so we went. They have a slide there that she loves, and two bouncies. Well, when we got there, she was feeling great. She bounced a lot, and had a grand time playing in the little playhouse they have there.

Then she started acting tired and yawning, so I assumed that she was tired because she's been getting up so early. She was being really quiet, and didn't want to play anymore. A few moments later, she started vomitting all over herself, the toys, everything. Paprika hasn't thrown up in over a year and a half- so long that I don't even remember the last time she threw up. I think she's thrown up once in her life before, and it was when she was about 9 months old...and it was after a trip to this same indoor playground. Hmmmmm...

Of course, I had just bought a 10-pack pass to the playground when we arrived there today! We are probably persona non-grata there now because Paprika freaked out all the other customers, and because there was quite a bit of clean-up involved. Since Paprika could not stop throwing up, I didn't stay to help clean up! I grabbed a worker, said "I'm so sorry" about a million times, and headed for the door.

We are home now, she is drinking lots of water and resting on the couch watching Cinderella. My poor baby. :-( I am really hoping this is an isolated stomach bug and that things don't get worse. Of course, I am so worried about her...hoping it's not something serious. Fearing that it is...

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