Thursday, March 26, 2009

26 Weeks, 5 Days!

I had a doctor's appointment today. Everything is still looking great. Blood pressure is staying normal at 120/70. I took the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) to check for Gestational Diabetes and will get results back in a few days. Let's hope for good results!

The baby is looking perfect on the ultrasound. Although I am in my 26th week, the baby is roughly as big as an average baby at the end of the 27th week. The baby weighs a little over 2 1/2 pounds now and the ultrasound tech said that she could see hair on the baby's head! The baby's position is frank breech. This means that the baby's head is at the top of the uterus and legs stick straight up near the head. My placenta is anterior (in the front)- this coupled with the breech presentation is why I haven't been feeling too much movement. The baby has plenty of time to turn into position.

The tech measured the amount of amniotic fluid, the length of the cervix, and made sure the baby is growing on track. All looks good so far...we are so thankful.

Next appointment is in one month, and after that I will start going every two weeks. Mr. Mustard took care of Paprika today while I was at the appointment. They went to the Children's Garden again today (Paprika really wanted to go). After the appointment, I caught up with them and brought them lunch. We took some pictures, of course, but those will have to wait until tomorrow- I am a little worn out from running across town to the doctor's office, back home, and then spending the day chasing after Paprika.

I also picked up my pre-registration forms for the hospital (as if they don't know me by now!) and got some info on Cord Blood Banking. We didn't bank cord blood with Paprika, but we are seriously considering it this time.

All in all, a great appointment! I should be getting another ultrasound at the next appointment at the end of April. It was so nice seeing the baby today! I am always grateful to see that beating heart.

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