Monday, March 30, 2009

Wild Goose Chases!

Mr. Mustard has been working a lot, which leaves me and Paprika with loads of free time on our hands. On Saturday, we roadtripped up to Valencia to see Devon and Riley. Paprika had a blast!

Sunday, we went to the Open House for the house selling up the street. It's a beautiful old Craftsman, and in need of loads of repair. The upstairs is totally unliveable. But it looks darn good from the street. They're only asking $1.4 million for it (excuuuuuuse me?), so we had to go have a look.

The Craftsman House:

Paprika had such a wonderful time tromping through the house and playing in the backyard. After we left, she kept saying, "Let's go back to Paprika's house!"

Well, we didn't. We went and found "dinosaur eggs"- which is what she calls the big concrete balls outside The Corner Bakery. We had ourselves a very nice dinner, and just relaxed at the table for awhile.

Paprika has recently become the most wonderful restaurant dining companion- I'm not kidding! She likes to sit for a very long time. When I ask her if she's ready to go, she'll say wistfully, "No, I'm having sooo much fun people watching." and "Let's stay. This is sooooo relaxing!"

I'm really enjoying my little dining companion and have taken her out to eat almost every night this week!

Mr. Mustard and I have been talking for long time about buying a house- you know, a place with a yard and in a good school district. We love our current neighborhood, but the schools are beyond terrible and private school isn't an option...and we really want to have a backyard for Paprika.

Last night I was browsing the MLS, and found this incredible deal on a house in a fantastic neighborhood. Good schools, flat backyard, the works! They are asking $299,000- which for LA, is basically like saying you'll sell your Lamborghini for 50 bucks!

I contacted the listing agent and she told me that they already have 20 offers on the property...but if I wanted to take a look, I could.

So, Paprika and I packed ourselves in the car and drove over there. The place was swarming with people. It was definitely a feeding frenzy, and I just know they set the price that low so people would overbid it by a lot. The house was falling apart- I don't even think the plumbing or electrical works. And at least half the windows were boarded.

I had mapped out a few other properties on our radar, and we went and had a look at those. Just drive-bys because they all looked occupied, and we only trespass when a property looks abandoned!

Just as we were about to head home, we found this property that had a teeny tiny For Sale sign out in front with a phone number scrawled across the front. I called the agent (possibly the owner?) and got hung up on three times. Finally, I talked to him and he said we could go inside and look at the house, and that it's in foreclosure. Before I could ask him the price, he hung up.

When I went in, my jaw dropped. It's exactly what we want! It's in a simply breathtaking neighborhood, surrounded by gazillion dollar homes. It's a on a huge lot, with 4 beds, 3 baths.

Okay, so it does need some work. It looks like no one has cleaned since 1953, and everything, and I mean, everything is green shag. And, of course, there were lots of boarded up windows.

So, I called back and he told me the price, and it's still too much money. $1 million. Gahhhh! But it was fun to look, and Paprika certainly enjoys the life of a trespasser!

Afterwards, we went to Chipotle and people-watched. We're no closer to finding our little house with a yard,'s nice keeping our eyes open and dreaming!

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