Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day!

Paprika and I visited the Children's Museum today for fun, and it also happened to be St. Patrick's Day! She really knows this museum like the back of her hand now. It's pretty relaxing to go here when it's not too crowded, and we can have our run of the place.

Driving The Jeep At The Dinosaur Exhibit:

Checking Out An Insect Display:

Talking To A Scary Bug...Paprika Likes Him A Lot!

What Does He Have To Say? Very Interesting!:

A Magnifying Glass Is Always Fun:

Hey, I Can See Up Your Nose!:

Looking In The Cave:

Building With Some Cool Blocks:

On a side note, we are big fans of Etsy in our house. It is basically sort of like Ebay but only for handmade items by artisans. I have been needing (okay, wanting) a new bag to lug around all of Paprika's stuff (and a few of my things, too). You know: snacks, sweaters, diapers, juice boxes, cell phone, keys, and stuff like that.

I found an artisan on Etsy who makes handmade bags, and she designed this bag especially for me! It came in the mail a few days ago. Isn't it beautiful?! I love it. :-)

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