Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is It Saturday or Tuesday?

Paprika is pretty much back to her old self. Her temp spiked last night, so she took it easy on the couch and snuggled with Mr. Mustard because we could tell she wasn't feeling very well. When she woke up today, her temp was back to normal. We're taking it easy, just in case.

On a side note, I have been trying to determine how to best make sure Paprika gets all the DHA she needs in her diet. In the past few months, I've tried a bunch of different solutions, but none seem to work! I have bought the Organic Whole Milk fortified with DHA, but truthfully, the DHA levels are so low in that milk it hardly seems worth it. I have cut open purified fish oil supplements and added them to her milk or fruit smoothies. That smelled disgusting and ruined a bunch of her sippy cups. Yesterday, I picked up some strawberry flavored liquid DHA (Nordic Naturals) in hopes that it would taste better. As Mr. Mustard said, last night, "I bet that tastes like a strawberry rubbed on a fish." Well, he was right. I added a few drops to Paprika's sippy cup of milk this morning. She took one sip and said, "Yuck!" and threw it down. Truthfully, after smelling my hands after opening the bottle, it really did smell like a fish rubbed in strawberries. Disgusting.

In the past, we have pursued flax as an option, and I may have to revisit that. Paprika rejects anything with flax in it- she doesn't like the texture. Maybe flax oil supplements in smoothies would taste better? She also can't stand avocados, so that's not an option. I have bought every "gummie" flavored DHA supplement on the market designed to look like candy, and she won't eat those either. The only thing she really will eat, no matter what, is chocolate. So, if I could find a DHA supplement in some chocolate, we'd be in business.

It's Saturday to everyone else, but to us, it's really Tuesday (since Mr. Mustard's work-week starts on Fridays). We are all so mixed up with our days, and even though Paprika is now waking up in the morning (as opposed to just before sundown), we are still "off" from the rest of the world. We never know what day of the week it is til we check the calendar. Mr. Mustard's been working a lot on Dancing With The Stars. His first episode airs on Tuesday (the results show)- so please watch it! He's been working so hard, and I can't wait to see what he's done.

Last week, we watched the show as a family, and Paprika named all the female dancers after the Disney Princesses. Julianne Hough was Cinderella, Belinda Carlilse was Belle, Denise Richards was Sleeping Beauty, and Lil' Kim was Jasmine. The next day, she kept saying, "Watch Dancing With The Stars!" Paprika was mesmerized. She doesn't get to watch any other TV besides that show (we let her watch it since it gives her a chance to see her daddy's work)- so it was really special for her.

Here are some pics from our day. As you can tell, we've had lots of fun painting and just hanging out. Love this little girl so much!

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