Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Is The New Friday!

We had a busy day today. This morning, I had a nice talk with my dad on the phone. He got married last Saturday in Indiana, and I hadn't had a chance to say congratulations in person yet (we've been playing phone tag for days). He is on his honeymoon, and having a wonderful time! I was really sad I couldn't go to the wedding, but I'm on a travel restriction per doctor's orders, so I had to stay here in California.

I got to hear all about the wedding- and how everyone, and I mean, everyone was there! So exciting. Even my half-sister who I've never met (from my dad's first marriage) was there. I am hoping that someone sends me some pictures, so I can see how it went. My dad and his wife, Nancy, said everything was just perfect and beautiful!

Then Paprika and I headed to Target and did some quick shopping. She is getting to that age where she says the most embarrassing things in public, like "Hey mom, you need to go buy some panties!"

Then we went to the Children's Museum. Paprika really wanted this stuffed dinosaur that they had in the gift shop, so I treated her to it today. He became her new best friend, and she had such a great time teaching him all about science and nature.

Now we're home, Paprika is napping, and I am cleaning house in anticipation of our "weekend"- which starts tonight. Today is like Friday to us because of the Dancing With The Stars schedule...although Mr. Mustard has been working on his "weekend" (Wed/Thur) anyway, so I don't know if Wednesday and Thursday are even really our weekends anymore. But we do get to see him Wed/Thurs for at least part of the day, which is so nice. Looking forward to that. :-)

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