Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Bloom!

Yesterday was gorgeous! Mr. Mustard's mom came down early in the day to spend the weekend with us. Mr. Mustard's sister, Andrea, has been working with the girls at the Harvard-Westlake Middle School on their Spring Dance Show. We all went to the show last night, and to say Paprika loved it is an understatement! Paprika had a wonderful time- and was completely mesmerized by the almost two hour show. She cried when the dancers left the stage because she wanted the show to keep going!

We had an adventure in our neighborhood- we went for a walk and explored all the flowers in full bloom. Mr. Mustard's mom brought Paprika a magnifying glass, and that was a big hit. Paprika wanted to study all the plants and insects up close with her magnifying glass.

Paprika even wanted to do some trespassing on our neighbors' lawns - no one seemed to least I don't think they did because no one was home to discourage her!

No adventure around our neighborhood would be complete without a visit to see "Snakey" which is the decapitated rubber snake who resides in our neighbor's flower pot. Paprika discovered him back in July, and loves to visit with him, feed him, talk to him, and cover him with leaves. "Snakey" is Paprika's good friend, and she is always trying to repair him by putting his body back with his head, but it never seems to work. Even so, she loves Snakey just as he is and enjoys spending time with him.

Mr. Mustard met up with us at the Harvard-Westlake show. Here he is with Paprika on the stage during intermission:

Afterwards, Andrea took us for a tour backstage and showed us her workshop. This is the new dryer they have to dry the costumes. Pretty big, huh?

Paprika was very excited to pretend to drive the cars they have on the school's campus. After the show, she spent half an hour pretending to drive the school's souped up go-karts. Very fun!!!

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