Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 1/2 Year Stats!

Just for my own record-keeping, Paprika at 30 months old:

Weighs: 34.5 pounds (95th percentile)
Height: 37 inches (90th percentile)

Paprika has a very developed sense of humor, and especially loves to call things by the wrong name to see if you're paying attention. For example, she will point to a pillow and say, "that's a blanket" and then start cracking up hysterically.

Paprika is supremely independent. She is not fond of crowds or loud noises. She loves nature. She is obsessed with pirates and sharp teeth. She thinks all internal organs, skulls, and human skeletons belong to pirates. All animal skeletons belong to dinosaurs.

Paprika can memorize anything after a first or second reading, and only needs to be told one time what a new word is before it's in her vocabulary for good. She knows thousands of words, and can hold conversations with herself in the mirror for hours. She spends a long time at night talking to her stuffed animals while she falls asleep. She also loves to sing. Her favorite artist is Dolly Parton (she doesn't know what she looks like, she just loves her music).

Paprika refuses to let anyone else sing while she's singing. She gets very mad when anyone else tries to sing along to a CD or a song on the radio. She is the only one who gets to sing outloud. She loves pre-recorded music and hearing live music for the first time. Once she knows the song (after the first time it is sung), she doesn't want anyone else to sing it but her.

Paprika loves scary rides, and scary parts of movies. Her favorite movie is Pinnochio, followed by Snow White. Her favorite word is "no" and will often answer "no" before you've asked the question. Compromise is not a word in Paprika's vocabulary.

She does not want a younger sibling, and if you ask her what she wants to name the new baby, she will tell you, "Pinnochio!"

Paprika is very patient, and is willing to wait a long time for something she wants to do. For example, she will very patiently wait in line for a ride she wants to ride (like the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland), even though the line is wayyyy to long to make it worthwhile for anyone but her. She understands how long the wait is and she thinks it's worth it. She's also a great travelling companion and can take long car trips without a problem. She likes to sing and entertain herself, and can do so for a couple of hours in the car (which is so wonderful living in Los Angeles, land of gridlock).

She loves dolls, Disney Princesses, and dressing up in very girly clothes. She is very fashion conscious and has to pick out what she's going to wear for the day. If I choose something for her and she doesn't like it, she will take it off immediately and refuse to wear it. She especially likes dresses, pretty shoes, and hair bows. She does not like pants, or long sleeve shirts. She cannot stand sweaters, no matter how cold it is outside, especially if they cover up her "pretty dress." She loves going up to my bathroom and pretending to put on make-up.

Her favorite foods are onion bagels with cream cheese and organic chocolate milk. She also loves banana waffles and cheese pizza. She is very hesitant to try most foods, and has never met a veggie or a piece of fruit that she liked. We're working on that.

Overall, she is a true joy and we are so lucky to have her in our lives. It is such an honor and a blessing to be her parents, and I hope we're doing a good job with her. Goodness knows, we're trying. We have lots and lots of love in our hearts for this little girl and not a day goes by that we don't thank God for the chance to be her parents and raise her.

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