Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back To Dancing

Mr. Mustard started back yesterday on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS). He is really excited to be back, and loves all the people at the show. This season he is doing The Results Show- last season he was paired with two stars- Lance Bass and Brooke Burke- and edited their packages for the regular show.

It's pretty exciting for him to be doing The Results Show because he gets to do something completely new this season. It's also a lot of pressure, of course. But Mr. Mustard loves that kind of pressure. He will be working Friday through Tuesday (the show airs Tuesday night), and then will have Wednesday and Thursday as his weekend.

Knowing Mr. Mustard, he will probably work his "weekend" (Wed/Thurs) at The Doctors. He really likes the people at that show, too, and enjoys the work. There's also the chance that he will end up working DWTS on Wed/Thurs. I've been with Mr. Mustard long enough to know that schedules often get stretched and oftentimes shows he's worked on have gone 7 days/week, working around the clock...we shall see!

So, now I find myself on the weekends (Sat/Sun) without Mr. Mustard around. I really try not to get jealous when he tells me about how the DWTS set is right next to the American Idol stage, and how he gets to go have Jambalaya for lunch at The Grove...I try to imagine my stale Cheerios are as good as Jambalaya, but I haven't convinced myself yet! ;-)

It will be pretty great to have Mr. Mustard home on Wed/Thurs (assuming he isn't working those days), because most of the special outings we'd like to do with Paprika (the Aquarium, etc.) are much less crowded during the week. So, hopefully, he will get at least a few days off here and there to get out and about with us.

Paprika helped me "unpack" the other night- finally from our trip to San Diego. I took a few pics, you know...cause that's what I do!

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