Friday, July 31, 2009

Am I Crazy?


It was just the other day I was saying that I wouldn't go to the indoor playground with Paprika and Ginger. Well, guess what? I went ahead and took them today. How's that for inconsistent? I figured, how bad could it be?


Paprika had a great time in the bouncy. There were a lot of HUGE kids there, and they were playing rough in the bouncy, and were unsupervised. All this scared the heck out of me, so I was all over Paprika like a hawk, and carried Ginger in the Baby Bjorn the whole time. It was not so relaxing for me, but Paprika was holding her own.


We were having a really good time. Paprika discovered this costume chest that was wide open, and she put on the Snow White dress inside. I guess the costume chest wasn't supposed to be open (they only open it on Tuesdays...random?!) after Paprika got all excited about wearing the dress, the worker came over and told Paprika to take the dress off.


That did not go over well. Paprika had a 12 alarm melt-down. She didn't understand why if the chest was open, she wouldn't be allowed to wear the dress. And she had just put it on. I have to say, I kind of agreed with Paprika. I mean, how big a deal is it to let a 2 year old wear a simple dress for a few minutes when the costume chest was already open to begin with?


So, holding Ginger in the Baby Bjorn, I had to rip the dress off Paprika while she was screaming uncontrollably. It was quite a scene. I really think they should have let her keep the dress on for a few minutes. My word.

The whole experience made me feel a little better about when Paprika threw up all over their facility. Little do they know we're potty training, and if they're not careful, I could accidentally forget her pull-up, and she could accidentally poop all over their floor, too! Mwaaaah!

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