Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy One Month!


Today is Ginger's one month birthday. Happy one month, sweet baby girl! She has spent most of the day seen in this picture taken a few moments ago.

Ginger is the sweetest baby. She loves being held, carried, and sleeping on her mommy's chest. She is very laid back and happy (except right after she's eaten, when she gets fussy from her reflux). I am so grateful that she is part of our family, and I love waking up to her beautiful face every day. She is magical!

In other news, Paprika is potty training! We had success once last night, and once today. :-) This is all very good news, since her preschool requires kids to be potty trained by age three...a date that is rapidly approaching. So, let's keep our fingers crossed that she continues making progress over the next month!

Today we've been hanging out. Mr. Mustard's mom is here from Santa Barbara visiting. I got to sleep in late with Ginger, and am feeling so much more rested. I also got a shower last night- ahhhhhh- and I feel like a whole new person!

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